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FC Brossard U10M
City/Town:Brossard, QC
League:Association de soccer de Brossard
Coach:Kevin Dean Chan-Yu-Tin

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Team Bio

“FC Brossard, FC Brossard!”—that’s our team chant, and “Les Boys” is what we call our players. As for our values, that’s simple: team spirit and a passion for soccer! Our coaches are devoted and determined leaders. And our No. 1 fans are parents who are both involved and enthusiastic. Who are we? We are proud to call ourselves the FC Brossard U10M soccer team.

This is the story of 11 young boys on a competitive under-ten team who have been playing together for two years. They started out coming from a number of different house-league teams and not even knowing each other. Quite soon, however, the bonds of friendship and solidarity developed among them. Their coaches and parents, as well as their younger and older siblings, were always on hand—ready and willing to encourage these young athletes and cheer them on.

The FC Brossard U10M team is a family united by values like sportsmanship, team spirit, determination, support, respect and, especially, passion for soccer. Through practices several days a week, friendly games, weekly league matches and tournaments, the players, their families and their coaches can be counted on to supply energy and enthusiasm.

The players on FC Brossard U10M show team spirit elsewhere than on the pitch at game time. It’s also there during practices, where team play is the order of the day, along with coordination among players, enthusiasm for great playing and the fact that all of the players are active contributors to the team’s success. It’s also there off the field, as attested by invitations between players, team dinners for the whole family and picnics at tournaments.

FC Brossard U10M also stands for pride in the beautiful game and in the team. Our players are proud to be visible and visibly proud of their team colours. They like to wear their full outfit, complete with track suit and knapsack, both on and off the field. And what better way for them to share their passion for soccer and their team pride than via their Facebook page? The team page, www.facebook.com/FCBrossard1, is updated regularly, with photos of each game and event, and information about the team and upcoming matches and tournaments. The Facebook page is avidly followed by players, parents, families and friends alike.

The last big event reported was the FC Brossard U10M team’s involvement in the telethon for Opération Enfant Soleil (a pediatrics foundation). Our young men raised funds for this noble cause by taking turns gently soliciting customers at a local supermarket—all the while proudly wearing their team uniforms, of course. They collected a total of $1,125, and were very moved when they presented the Foundation with it.


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