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City/Town:North Vancouver, BC
League:North Vancouver Football Club
Coach:Alex Wray

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It’s hard not to cheer for the underdog–especially one that never gives up. In their first season, our team had 1 win and 1 draw in 10 games. Yet they never gave up, were in every game, and were having fun. These boys redefined what it means to be a winner, both on and off the pitch.
In March 2013, the team was named. Within 2 weeks they met for the first time. Their Divisional League did not start for another 6 months but these boys wanted to play! The only option: join a higher division, a Select Soccer League, and become the only non-Select team to participate. By entering, these boys would compete against individual players who were considered in official tryouts and evaluations as better than them. The challenge would be huge; but the decision was easy. They had the title of underdog before the first game was played.
The boys’ commitment to learning and passion for the game showed immediately. On average they had 3 practices per week. After game #1, we had a video review and they enjoyed it so much we`ve done a review every week since!
Over the weeks their hard work was paying off and they knew it. The progress did not show in the league standings, however. Yet, as the losses mounted, their team spirit and commitment to learn grew. They developed a “never give up” attitude and encouraged each other. They had truly become a team.
No game illustrated their character and growth than the final league game. It was classic David and Goliath match-up: their opponent was the league leader who needed a single point to be crowned the top Select team in the Vancouver Lower mainland. Over 20 points separated them.
Down by a goal at the half, they did not panic. They never gave up knowing anything was possible. To see how we did, check back for the video.
These boys came to know the true meaning of the expression, “It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.” Further, they realized what they learned on the field also applies in life. They decided to take their team approach and apply it to support children in their community. Needs are everywhere, but these boys decided to focus on their passion: soccer.
On July 15, 2013 the Surge players will support a subsidized weeklong soccer camp on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside–one of the Canada’s poorest areas. The boys will meet and get to know the children, then distribute used soccer gear collected from their team and 3,200 members of the North Vancouver FC.
Look for our video entitled “Giving Back to Others”. Here’s what the boys are saying, “It is really cool that our team is giving back to another team”; “We want everyone to have a chance to play soccer”;
“It shows we’re not just a soccer team. We’re really a group of people who are really close to each other and who don’t just come together on the soccer pitch.”
In 3 months, the team has demonstrated their commitment to each other, the game, and the greater soccer community. Despite being underdogs, they have surfaced as true winners.

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